Message Displays: "Like Failed"

If you only see this message occur a few times in your recent likes, there is no need to worry! This is normal. All this message means is that at the time of the scheduled like, RoboLike was unable to perform such like because Instagram's servers were lagging or running too slow. Therefore, the system skips that photo so that it can continue on to the next photo uninterrupted! :)

What if this message comes up for every 'like'?

If you are seeing the "Like Failed" message on every like attempt, that means you are 'Rate Limited', or have been blocked from liking by Instagram for a temporary period of time. This is caused by liking pictures on your own while RoboLike is running and only lasts a day or so. If this is the case, please contact us and we will be happy to assist in the process of getting your account back up and running!