Why does my account say I'm on a trial even though I paid?

Don't worry! Your payment didn't float off into outer space. :) This either means that you cancelled the account, logged into RoboLike differently than how you originally logged in when you first paid, or changed your username.

How do I fix this?

  • If you had recently changed your username, please contact us and we will get all of your information and payment info from the old username transferred over to the new username!

  • If you cancelled the account prematurely, please contact us and we will be happy to extend your account to run for the remainder of your paid time!

  • If you never cancelled the account, you may have logged in incorrectly. 
    • Check your username and make sure you aren't using an "@" symbol before the username. If you think you singed up originally with the "@" before the username, make sure you are adding that. 
    • Make sure you are not logging in with your email. If you originally signed up with your email as the username, than please login that same way. When RoboLike detects any diffenrce in characters in the username compared to how you originally singed up, it will treat it as a new account.

Still showing up as a trial?

No worries! Please contact us with your username along with proof of payment and we will be happy to assist you!