How do I cancel my RoboLike account?

We do not except cancellations via email. To cancel your account, please do the following:

If you paid via PAYPAL, you must cancel through them.  

  1. Login to your PayPal account.
  2. Go to Profile > More Options.
  3. Go to My Money.
  4. Find My Preapproved Payments and click on Update.
  5. Find the Robolike recurring payment.
  6. Click Details and cancel the recurring payment.

If you paid via CREDIT CARD, you must login to your Robolike Dashboard.

  1. Login to your Robolike account.
  2. Click the red CANCEL button.**
  3. All done.

**Can't find the red 'CANCEL' button? That means you are paying via PayPal! You will want to follow the instructions above in order to cancel through them.