RoboLike has a built in content filter! This is automatically built in to all accounts. The content filter just stops RoboLike from liking any "bad" or "inappropriate" photos on your behalf. But there are still some precautions you need to take.

What does this content filter do?

RoboLike will not like a photo that has less than 4 likes on it. If you look at ANY "spam" photo, you will notice it only has but one or two likes on it. With RoboLike only liking photos with more than 4 likes, this has proven to eliminate about 95% of all bad photos being liked.

However, the other 5% is up to you. It is all about the hashtags you pick. For example, if you have #instagood in your RoboLike account for you to like, most likely it will like "bad" or "spam" photos.  It is best to pick tags that are relevant to your account.