Where do I start?

When you first log in to RoboLike, you will start off on a FREE trial that lasts 3 days. You are NOT required to pay during the trial. However, throughout the trial and after your trial has expired, you will have the option to start your subscription.

Add Your Hashtags

You want to start by adding some hashtags to your account. This step is very important as it is what determines the audience you are targeting. We recommend using tags that relate specifically to your page and the content you post. Going for smaller and less 'main stream' tags is what usually works best as overused tags such as '#love' and '#nofilter' are overused and have no genre. You want to make sure that the tag you are adding attracts the kind of audience you want to be following you.

Set Your Run Times

The run times are what allows you to adjust and control what time of the day RoboLike should start its liking process and what time it should end the liking process. This can be left alone at the default times if you want RoboLike to run all day. However, if you plan on doing some liking of your own, we recommend setting a pause window to allow time for that. This is because liking while RoboLike is scheduled to run can cause your account to go over the hourly liking limit, therefore placing a temporary like block that lasts a few hours. For example, if you like to scroll through your Instagram and like a few posts before you go to bed, set RoboLike to start at 12:00 AM (0:00) and and at 9:00 PM (21:00). Keep in mind, all times on the RoboLike dashboard are in accordance to Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8:00). Also, when setting your run times, make sure that they stay within the same calendar day (end time isn't sent before the start time).

Sit Back And Watch The Magic Happen!

Yep! That's all. Just a few simple steps and your account is now liking away!

 Additionally, here is a short tutorial video on how to add/delete hashtags as well as set your run times