"Verification error. Please link a valid phone number to your Instagram account..."

If you are receiving this error when trying to log in/sign up, please follow the below steps in order to gain access to your account.

So what is the problem?

When you log in to RoboLike, our system (also at the same time) logs into your Instagram account. Sometimes when our system logs in, it faces a verification step which a robot cannot get past alone. It will need a little help from you! Therefore, our system will automatically have Instagram send you a code which you will want to enter in to RoboLike. 

In order for this step of the login process to proceed, a valid phone number needs to be linked to your Instagram account for that code to be sent.

**If you are 100% sure you already have a phone number linked to your Instagram account and have verified this to be correct, please click here.**

Here's how to fix this:

1Add a phone number to your Instagram account:

On your profile, click "Edit Profile", then under "Private Information", enter your phone number in the field labeled "Phone". Then click "Done".

2. Log back in to RoboLike:

Once you have added your phone number to your account, head back over to the RoboLike Login and enter in your current username and password as usual, followed by your current city and the CAPTCHA.

3. Enter Verification Code:

After logging in, you should now be on a page that looks like this:

You will also this message appear on your phone. DO NOT click either button and close your Instagram app.

You will then want to enter in the verification code that has been sent to your phone number, followed by clicking "Submit".

**If this page doesn't come up on the first try, simply attempt the login once or twice more.**

4. All done! 

After performing these steps, you should now be logged in to your account!